Scottish Music Services


Scottish Music Services provides all music score production and music copying services to publishers, orchestras, ensembles, composers, theatre companies and more, with twenty-five years of experience in music.

Martin Thomson here at SMS produces scores using the latest version of Sibelius music software, in which he is a recognised expert. A personal and expert approach is provided by this experienced, performing musician. He takes pride in attention to detail and presentation and offers a professional, efficient and friendly working relationship with clients.

Scores and instrumental parts for any size of ensemble can be produced, from solo instrumental pieces to large-scale orchestral and choral works. Classical and Theatre music are a speciality, but all genres of music are available.

Scores prepared for clients have been performed by OLHSFPALOS, The Glasgow Music Festival, The Scottish Reed Trio, East Dunbartonshire Senior Schools Orchestra and Glasgow Schools Symphony Orchestra among others.

Other services include: Transposition, Arranging, Orchestration, Transcription, Recording, Music for Schools.

Arrangement Examples
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Gonna Fly Now

You'll Never Walk Alone

Latin-American style arrangement for tuned percussion, rhythm section and 2 Trumpets. This arrangement was made from an audio file supplied by the client.

Theme tune from the Sylvester Stallone film Rocky. Arranged for a young concert band with Electric and Bass guitars. Part of the brief was to accommodate the very young players in the band, who had limited ability ranges.

Gospel-style version of the famous show-stopper from Carousel. Arrangement made for an Amateur Dramatic society from a simple piano part.


Score for a Theatre Orchestra

Sample Flute Part

Bass Guitar Part
(2 parts on one sheet - notation and TAB)

Disney song with Lyrics, Chord Symbols and Guitar Diagrams

Music Services FAQ

Question - What original do you need to work from?
Answer - Whatever you would like to give me! I can work from a paper original, audio file, music computer file in any format - whatever you have, we can work with.

Question - Who deals with copyright issues?
Answer - You do. Scottish Musical Services provide a professional service, based on the brief that you provide. Please ensure that any copyright issues are dealt with before we become involved.

Question - What's the time-scale?
Answer - It varies from job to job. We do work very quickly, while always maintaining our legendary level of detail, and so are ideal if time is tight. Obviously larger-scale works will take longer than small-scale or single-page jobs.

Question - Can you work on location?
Answer - Yes we can. At our base we work in a fully-installed studio, but we also have a mobile kit that can be located anywhere, allowing you to make last-minute changes "on the hoof”, while still maintaining a fully professional level of service.

Question - Who keeps what after the job is done?
Answer - You keep all original work submitted to us, plus all the copies and parts prepared by us. We will keep a copy of the finished file stored in case you need to re-visit it at some point in the future, but rest assured that it will never be made available to any other party without your express written permission beforehand.

Question - I have more questions?
Answer - If this FAQ has left you still requiring answers, please contact us
 directly and we will be delighted to help.